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Nothing works as hard as a Reitnouer.

When Reitnouer introduced its first totally bolted aluminum flatbed trailer in 1982, it revolutionized the industry. With its innovative two- piece main beam construction and a whole host of breakthrough features, including a tapered beam design to optimize strength and weight and safety tread deck, the Reitnouer Aluminum Flatbed quickly became the standard against which all other flatbeds were measured. Today, Reitnouer continues its tradition of leadership and innovation — the design of choice for drivers everywhere and the standard by which all other trailers are measured.

Extruded of high tensile, 6061 T6 aluminum alloy, the bottom rail on a Reitnouer is flat, while the top rail is arched. Then the two pieces are bolted in the center (along the neutral axis), eliminating any bolting or welding at the flanges, where beam stresses are the greatest. Next, we add solid one-piece alloy cross members. These redesigned cross members have an offset web for more torsional resistance. They are also reinforced between the main rails (where additional strength is needed for coil hauling) with a dual web design. Another Reitnouer first! Plus, an inner flange is extruded to the main beam, so the load forces are distributed over an even greater area; and three-piece floating outriggers minimize the stress on the main beam.

Add to that Reitnouer’s rail overlap reinforcement at the neck area. This innovative design provides more meat where it’s needed most- at the fifth wheel. The landing gear is tied to four cross members for greater load distribution and stability, and the suspension features a “box-type” support mounting for maximum strength. Long “J” shaped mounting brackets distribute load forces over a much larger area than conventional designs, and suspensions and fifth wheel plates are powder coated for optimal corrosion protection.

Reitnouer flatbeds have a unique Safety-Tread Deck so that pallets bite in and drivers don’t slip while walking on the deck. And since a trailer’s corners take such a pounding, we use solid extruded corners that are extremely heavy-duty. The rear bumper design exceeds DOT standards. Its three-piece design is bolted, allowing easy repair or replacement – an extremely important feature since owners are now required to maintain these bumpers in the original condition and design to ensure long-term DOT strength requirements.

Features and Innovations
At A Glance

The steel goose neck of all DropMiser trailers is T-1 alloy to optimize weight and strength.

Solid one-piece cross members are designed with an offset web and a unique, reinforced inner extrusion that adds reinforcement between the main beams.

Innovative snap-in floor enables the floor to become part of the main beam (patent pending). In addition, the extruded inner flange allows cross member stress to be distributed over a much larger area.

Standard three wood nailers offer the versatility you need to properly secure loads. Optional four wood nailers or four wood nailers with a center tie-down track is the setup for hauling coils or other loads where additional wood or tie-downs are needed.

Reitnouer’s unique two-piece bolted and bonded main beam is joined in the center, where stresses are minimal. Three-piece floating outriggers minimize the stress on the main beam.

Snap-in pockets offer superior strength in the pocket-to-side rail connection.

Movable, removable tie-downs come in various lengths and allow you to secure loads either along the side rails or along the main rails-or both.

Two-piece load levelers for the DropMiser offer lighter weight handling and placement anywhere along the trailer deck.

Optional log pockets enable use of heavy duty stakes to secure logs. The number of pockets and pocket locations can be tailored to customer specifications.

Solid coil racks eliminate the need for wood and optimize safety by locking into the main beams, preventing coils from sliding side to side.

Suspension hanger boxes feature a Reitnouer patented clamp-mount design and are boxed in from side-to-side to minimize the stresses that are transferred to the main rails.

Patented coil blocks offer more portability and ease of storage, but still offer the “locked-in” safety of the larger solid coil racks.

The rear end of Reitnouer trailers incorporates suggestions made by the people who use our trailers every day. The corners have been made stronger, the light panels are protected top and bottom, the rear bumper is one piece and fully enclosed, and horizontal bumpers were added for those dock plates pushed up by the rear of the trailer.

Reitnouer trailers feature the finest
and most advanced wiring and lighting systems available. All wiring harness connections are Amp type, the finest and most corrosion-resistant in the industry. No detail was spared on your lighting requirements.

Your Reitnouer dealer can help you spec a Reitnouer trailer that works as hard as you do.

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